Mike Walton Entertainment Monogram Lighting is a great way to add a personalized touch to your wedding or event. A monogram projector puts your names, wedding date, special message, logo, or anything else in lights.

Mike Walton Entertainment Monogram Lighting will arrive pre-loaded with your custom design. We will help you create your own custom design.

The package comes with everything you need. For setup, it’ll be pointed at a wall, floor or any other surface to display your personalized monogram lighting. Our clients tell us that monogram lighting adds the perfect finishing touch for their wedding or event. You'll love Monogram Lighting for your special event!



Key Benefits of the Service

Our mission is to delight our clients by catering to their needs while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism and excellence. Mike Walton Entertainment is committed to providing an outstanding experience. Mike Walton Entertainments’ highly trained professional staff is always dedicated to the success of your affair or event.

  1  Adds a beautiful focal point to any room
  2  Gives your event that finishing signature touch
  3  Helps decorate a plain wall or area
  4  Proper lighting helps produce the best photographs
 5  Wow your guests with transforming your event atmosphere

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